Monday, June 04, 2007

Day 55

Day 55
We are growing in leaps and bounds!
Our 2 legged Mum says that she is very very sorry she hasn't kept up the blog... BUT our 2 legged Dad has had to go to Dubai for work and he did take the camera with him!
Our 2 legged Mum is very clever though... she has learned how to take our picture with her phone AND how to download it onto her computor.
She is also very busy working in the BIG CITY these past few weeks and then taking care of us 6 AND our other 5 big brothers & Sisters.
Mum says she'll do the best she can over the next week... we are getting ready to go to our new families!
This is us all sleeping in our outside bed!
we really fill it up now!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Day 47

Mom & Dad said we have a NEW ADVENTURE to go on today!
Come on everyone... KEEP UP!
Vines and bushes to explore
Tails to pull....
Dad to cuddle
Mum to luv on!

Puppy 3

Puppy 2

More places to explore

Puppy 1 - Digging

Puppy 4 - Bitch - a Natural show dog?
Adventure i all over for today... back to our house

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Day 46

Day 46
Most of the puppies have blown out the weight scale.. it only weighs to 4 lb 7 oz... and all but puppy # 3 are now over that weight.
Today was also FIRST BATH DAY. It was a lovely warm day here in Melbourne and Dad decided it was time for a bath.
We did really well with our baths.. nobody freaked out and we all pretty much took it in our stride!

Puppy 1 - Bath

Puppy 1 - Don't know if this tail is correct for a keeshond!

Puppy 2 - Bath
Puppy 2 Wet & cute? Puppy 3 - Bath
Puppy 3 - a face only a mother could love?

Puppy 3 cute

Puppy 4 - Bath
Puppy 5 Bath
Puppy 5 - Don't know if that tail is correct for a Keeshond!
Puppy 6 - Bath
Puppy 2 Playing with his cousin Gabby
Maybe I could play with you from THIS side?
hmmmmm... seems that MEAN DAD has locked us in our Brother Harvey's pen after out bath.... we don't really like it!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Day 45

Day 45
My apologies on not reporting on the puppies for the past 2 days.. a busy work schedule has prevented that.

Puppy 5 being groomed
Puppy 3 being groomed
Puppy 3 eating
Puppy 1

Puppy 1 - Dog Front

Puppy 1 - Dog - Side
Puppy 2 - Dog - Front

Puppy 2 - Dog - Side
Puppy 3 - dog - Front
Puppy 3 - Dog - Side
Puppy 4 - Bitch - Front

Puppy 4 - Bitch - Side

Puppy 5 - Dog - Front
Puppy 5 - Dog - Side
Puppy 6 - Bitch - Front
Puppy 6 - Bitch - Side

Monday, May 21, 2007

Day 42

Day 42
Most of us have lot a bit of weight today. Mum thinks it is because we were outside almost all day and played more than we ate!
Puppy #3 --- GRINNING!
We certainly don't fit in the scale anymore!
sleeping with our Mum
Gotta hate it when you fall a sleep when you are trying to escape the pen!
Getting stuck into our chicken!
I've learned how to hold my chicken down with my foot