Saturday, May 26, 2007

Day 46

Day 46
Most of the puppies have blown out the weight scale.. it only weighs to 4 lb 7 oz... and all but puppy # 3 are now over that weight.
Today was also FIRST BATH DAY. It was a lovely warm day here in Melbourne and Dad decided it was time for a bath.
We did really well with our baths.. nobody freaked out and we all pretty much took it in our stride!

Puppy 1 - Bath

Puppy 1 - Don't know if this tail is correct for a keeshond!

Puppy 2 - Bath
Puppy 2 Wet & cute? Puppy 3 - Bath
Puppy 3 - a face only a mother could love?

Puppy 3 cute

Puppy 4 - Bath
Puppy 5 Bath
Puppy 5 - Don't know if that tail is correct for a Keeshond!
Puppy 6 - Bath
Puppy 2 Playing with his cousin Gabby
Maybe I could play with you from THIS side?
hmmmmm... seems that MEAN DAD has locked us in our Brother Harvey's pen after out bath.... we don't really like it!


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