Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Day 20

We are really changing! We can hear very well now and our eyes are completely open! We respond to our 2 legged Mum and Dads voices!

Our 2 legged Mum, works from home, but had to go out to a meeting today and FORGOT to bring our MUM inside...... she was away from us for a few hours. This will explain our little bit of weight loss today. OUR 2 legged mum just about died when she realized what she had done! We make her feel very guilty! But we'll be just fine! We were sleeping quietly when she got back home!

Sleeping after our BIG outing adventure!
Our first stroll outside the whelping box! We didn't mind for the first few seconds then started "singing"! The floor is a bit slippery for fuzzy baby feets!
Puppy 4 - Female not afraid of anything! Cruised around the kitchen area like an ole pro!

Toys were introduced into the whelping box today and seems to be accepted!

Puppy 1 - Male - 996 grams / 2 lb 3.0 oz

Puppy 2 - Male - 832 grams / 1 lb 13.2 oz

Puppy 3 - Male - 1330 grams / 2 lb 14.4 oz

Puppy 4 - Female - 950 grams / 2 lb 1.2 oz

Puppy 5 - Male - 1145 grams / 2 lb 8.2 oz


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