Thursday, April 12, 2007

Day 3

Weights on Day 3
Most babies are starting to put weight back on.

The babies on Day 3.
The little one in the picture on the yellow pad must be a bit cold.
The yellow pad is a heated pad

Content Quinn and babies

Puppy Pile in the basket awaiting a bed change

This is the whelping area. the yellow pad in the corner is heated, so if the babies get cold they will crawl over to the heated pad.

There is a "sack" bed in front of the whelping box, Quinn can get away from the babies, yet is still able to watch them closely.

There is a mat in front of the sack bed if she wants to lay on the floor or she has the option of laying on the cool tiles.

She has lots of food and water anytime she wants it.

The whole area is surrounded by a wire pen, So that other dogs are not able to access the babies if they happen to get into the whelping area.


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