Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Week 3 - What to expect

The Transitional Stage 2-3 Weeks

The Transitional stage generally lasts from age two to three weeks, and it’s during this time that the puppy’s eyes will open, and they will slowly start to respond to light and movement and sounds around them. They will become a little more mobile during this period, trying to get their feet underneath themselves and crawling around in the box. They will start to recognize mom and each of their littermates, and any objects we might place in the box.

Zero to 21 days: As a result of many years of scientific research it has been determined that the first critical period covers the entire first two weeks of the puppy's life. During this period the puppy's mental capacity is nearly zero, and the puppy reacts only to its needs of warmth, food, sleep and its mother.

Tests were conducted to determine whether a puppy was capable of learning anything at all during the first critical period, and it was determined that it was not. It was, however, determined that something nearly miraculous occurs on the 21st day, and that it occurs in all dogs, regardless of breed.

21st Day: On the 21st day. ALL of the puppy's senses begin to function. The senses were present in the puppy during the first critical period, but were dormant. The 21st day of the puppy's life is like an automatic switch that turns on. It also turns on the second and possibly the most important critical period in the puppy's life.

Milestones Thus far:

At Birth
*Virtually Helpless
*Almost deaf
*Mostly Blind
*The brain responds to smells, Touch and pain

2-3 days after birth
*The Umbilicus drops off

8-10 days after birth
*Birth Weight should double
*Crawling usually begins

10-14 days after birth
*Eyes Open But Vision is Poor
*Righting reflex is present (this means when put in a postion not comfortable the pup will right itself into a more comfortable position)

14-17 days after birth
*Ears open
*React to sound

21 days after birth
*Puppies have bladder control and are able to urinate without assistance
*Milk teeth begin to erupt


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