Saturday, May 12, 2007

Day 33

Day 33
Still growing every day!
We have been so amazed with this litter.. they are unbelievably clean! Not once have they used their crate as a toilet!
They all toddle out of it and do their wee's and poo's on the paper!
We are STARVING .. we checked out our Mum's bowl and nothing.. so well all SANG for our supper!
Well.... our Mum is great.. our 2 legged mum that is.. she gave us something new... CHICKEN NECKS and we LOVED THEM!
5 of us have teeth.. only puppy #3 (Mum & dad calls him Scruffy!) doesn't have teeth yet.. but that certainly didn't stop him!

I took mine under Mum's bed for safety!

I took mine into our crate for safety!

We had a little argument over one!

And while those two above were arguing.. i took BOTH into the crate with me.. MINE!


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