Friday, August 25, 2006

Day 22

It's moving day for us! our 2 legged mom decided that we are getting very messy in our box, so decided that it is time for us to begin to learn proper "potty"
We now have a lovely large pen to play in, and a crate to sleep in.
It will take some getting used to, but we'll get there!
This is our new bed!
This is where we start our crate training, a crate is just like a "den" and we soon learn that it is a place where we can go to rest and feel safe.
For the rest of our lives we will like the security of a crate and no matter where we go, if we have our crate with us, we also have our home!
Kinda scary coming out for the first time!
Puppy 1 - Male - 1000 grams / 2 lb 3.0 oz
Puppy 2 - Male - 944 grams / 2 lb 1.0 oz
Puppy 3 - Male - 1435 grams / 3 lb 2.0 oz
Puppy 4 - Female - 1040 grams / 2 lb 4.4 oz
Puppy 5 - Male - 1225 grams / 2 lb 10.8 oz


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