Saturday, September 02, 2006

Day 30 - Dad's second attempt at working the blog!

Let's see if he is any better tonight at this blog thing.... ;-)
Free at last! - FOOD AND SUSTANCE!!!
E X C U S E U S !! WE WANT to register a protest!! Mum goes away for the week and Dad just thinks he can take over!! HE LOCKED us in the crate while HE dared to clean our pen and mop the floor!! NOT only THAT but he also Vacumed while he has us CAPTURED in our crate. He Turned the Stereo Up and boy, can we sing! We's reckon we are louder than that stereo thing!

I'm STARVED, it must have been all that singing I did in the crate.

Time to play now, now that Dad has decided that we can be FREE again, it must have been our protesting that did it!

Nothing like cute lil fuzzy butts lining up at the food bowl.

If you are thinking, hey all these puppies seem to be doing is eating and sleeping, well guess what, you got that right :-) Besides eating and sleeping (which they do well cause they learnt it from their 4L dad) they also POOP!.

No weights again tonight, dad is tooo buggered to weigh us, he promises to weigh us in the morning for tomorrow nights blog.


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