Sunday, April 29, 2007

Day 20

Day 20
Another day of FIRSTS...
Tonight we got our first dose of worming medicine... no, we did NOT like that! We also got our nails trimmed again, they sure grow fast!
Puppy #3 only received 1 Tube feeding today, we have decided to see how he does on his own over the next few days
We also had our very FIRST meal today!
We LOVED our food!

Introducing us to food, our 2 legged Mum touches our lips to the food.. and we catch on VERY quickly!!

Told you we LOVED our food.. it's almost gone!

Puppy #3 right in the food and he ate.. and ate.. and ate

Puppy #3 Cleaning himself up after getting lots IN him and lots ON him!
Puppy #3 trying to come out through the bars instead of the door!
A quick drink at the milk bar!
Babies running amok while pen being cleaned!
An ever watchful Momma!


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