Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Day 36

Day 36
This starts our 6 week of life!
How we have grown!

We are helping dad clean the kitchen after supper tonight... he is having a hard time walking with us all attached!

Someone did wee's .. and we are helping Mum to clean it up
WOW..... FOOD HOLE.....
HEY... who closed the food hole??
ahhhhh but sniff here.... piggy ears I think....

Puppy 1 - Dog
Puppy 2 - Dog
Puppy 3 -NOT happy having the "dag" removed from his bottom! I will GROWL at my Dad.. BAD DAD
Puppy 3 - Dog
Puppy 4 - Bitch
Puppy 5 - Dog
Puppy 6 - Bitch


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