Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Week 3-4 - What to Expect

Stage 2: The Almost Ready To Meet The World Stage 3-4 Weeks

The Almost ready to meet the world stage lasts from 3 to about 4weeks, and puppies undergo rapid sensory development duringthis time. Fully alert to their environment, they’ll begin torecognize us and other family members.

It’s best to avoid loudnoises or sudden changes during this period – negative events canhave a serious impact on their personalities and development rightnow.

Puppies learn how to be a dog during this time, so it’sessential that they stay with mom and littermates.

21st to 28th Day:

During this period the puppy needs its mother more than any other time.
The brain and nervous system begin to develop. Awareness begins to take place, and, in this mental stage, a new puppy finds the world that surrounds it rather frightening. Things that happen can be frightening experiences.

A puppy removed from its mother during this second critical period will never attain the mental and emotional growth that it COULD and WOULD have, if it had been left alone. The social stress of being alive - and the awareness of it - has its greatest impact during this second critical period in the new puppy's life; that is, between the 3rd and 4th weeks.

It may seem peculiar to some that no other times in a dog's life presents the same proneness to such emotional upsets and that such upsets could have such a traumatic and permanent effect on the puppy's social attitudes.

It is during this second critical period in the new puppy's life that the characteristic of nervousness can generate shyness and other negative qualities in a puppy. Once adverse conditions have developed negative qualities in this second critical period, no amount of re-conditioning or training, later in life will alter or significantly modify the resultant negative characteristics.

3-4 Weeks After birth
* Weaning Can Occur during this period
* 1st Worming dose at 21 days


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